7 Terms to Avoid When Speaking to a Records Manager


Our recent user conference gave me the opportunity to spend several days with our customers. I was able to share Archive Systems’ software product strategies and roadmaps, and most importantly, take in the strategies and opinions of some of the most accomplished and respected records managers in the country. The dialogue was invaluable.

Being a meticulous observer, I took note of the industry buzz words peppered into conversations like HP sauce on a bad steak. We are a Microsoft partner, after all. It was interesting to see the reaction to some of the terms being bandied about. Here are 7 of the most noteworthy – and how the terms were interpreted by our customers, most of which were records managers. 

When they hear …

They think …

Private Cloud

The worst of both worlds.

Social Media Policy

Non-existent policy to prevent employees from humiliating themselves and co-workers on Facebook to the point of termination.

CMIS Standard

The dream, based on the premise that ECMs will willingly talk to each other.

Blob Storage

The fat guy in IT that stores your electronic records.


The dream, based on the premise that companies have boat loads of money to stick a GPS on each of their records.

ECM Integration

Cha ching ($$$$)

Names that begin with e or i

Apple is the only company, post 1999, that can use these prefixes and not look stupid.

This is my top 7 list. I vow to stop using them in public. I invite you to share your most overused or maligned term. All in good fun.

Bruce Nunn
VP of Marketing
Archive Systems, Inc.

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