A Mosquito in a Nudist Camp - #SHRM15

The SHRM Annual Conference & Exposition is the world’s largest HR event; over 15,000 attendees, over 700 solution providers and 200 educational sessions.  If you don’t have a plan for the show it can be overwhelming, like a mosquito in a nudist camp….. Where do I start? 
Thankfully there are many resources to help you prepare for the show and if you are attending #SHRM15 you should have a plan for the show. Now for some of you that might be as simple as attending sessions to earn education credits, but I suggest you think about your own HR department and your company.
Is your HR department buried in administrivia like filing documents? If the answer is “Yes” perhaps you should check out solution providers that offer paperless solutions or network with attendees who have solved this problem. Are audits and compliance a problem? Make sure you understand the compliance pain points and then look for a solution. Perhaps your company has plans for an acquisition, 1,000 new employees being added all at once is going to be a strain on an HR department.  Are there best practices you can learn about to ease the pain of an acquisition?  Maybe your company is moving and HR is losing filing space.
Whatever business issue you might be trying to address, there will likely be resources or solution providers at SHRM that can help, but you’ll need to do your homework. Check out some of the exhibitors before you hit the show and make it a point to stop by and talk to those that seem interesting. What sessions are most meaningful to you and might help you advance in your career? A suggestion I always give people attending our annual conference is see or learn something new.
My point here is to make the most of your time at #SHRM15 you need a plan.  Now for those resources I mentioned:
  • Follow the conference hashtag #SHRM15 on Twitter
  • Subscribe to the Twitter list of #SHRM15Blogger http://bit.ly/1IF45PJ. These folks share a lot of helpful info about the show as well as hot topics in HR.
  • The #SHRM15 unofficial party guide http://bit.ly/1GiZO1j. Come on you’re in Vegas, having some fun while networking is mandatory.  Shout out to Blogging4Jobs (@blogging4jobs) and Jessica Miller-Merrell (@jmillermerrell) for hooking up the list.
  • Of course the conference website https://annual.shrm.org/ which includes a blog from Letty Kluttz (@SHRMLetty) on tips to navigate the conference and a blog from Steve Browne (@sbrownehr) Extroverts Guide To #SHRM15
My team will be at booth 1949 and we have a social wall up for the conference include #Archive1949 in your tweets to see them on our wall. Enjoy the conference!

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