What Happens... If Nothing Happens?

6/19/2015 in General, Human Resources

By Randy Sanders

In the recent months I’ve been publishing content about trends in HR for 2015, being proactive when reacting to audits using proactive compliance, and managing personnel files in the 21st century. Within those I’ve concluded that one of the major drivers that is shifting HR is the changing demographic of the workforce; the wave of Millennials coming into the workforce and the Baby Boomers leaving.

But what if that isn’t the case? We all assume that the older generation of the current workforce is retiring at a normal pace and the new generation of workers are taking their place. Given the economy in the recent years, we shouldn’t assume this to be true, especially at the rate we expect it. It was the older generation that was hit the hardest by the economic crash and their retirement funds dried up overnight. Therefore, it’s safe to assume then that the older generation is working longer and there are fewer jobs available for the Millennials.

But all is not lost. The good news is that the Millennials, as a group, are masters of finding their own destiny. They aren’t looking for a gold watch after 40 years on the job and would rather change jobs, or even careers, than work for a company that isn’t rewarding. Another piece of good news is that Millennials are not afraid of starting over, pursuing their dreams, or failing over and over again. This will create jobs, opportunities, and for a few, create millionaires. And for us, the conveniences of life will continue. I mean, who could live without Uber, Facebook, and Airbnb?

So, what happens if nothing happens? Nothing. There will be no melt down, apocalypse, or dooms day. If fact, people will figure out a way to make it work. We always do.

What do you think?

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