FileBRIDGE Digital New and Enhanced Features – February 2015

2/19/2015 in Product Releases

It’s so cold here in the New York City area when I picked up my new eyeglasses they threw in an ice scraper! Thankfully the cold isn’t affecting our development team, they’re heating things up with some hot new features.

Not your typical e-form – Who doesn’t like the functionality in our E-forms? Digital signatures, fields that auto-populate with information specific to the person filling out the form, and you can map fields on the forms to fields in the database. What more could you ask for? Well apparently we should stop saying that because our clients always have ideas. You told us you needed to edit forms in your FileBRIDGE E-form library and we listened. You can now add new fields like a signature line, highlight fields, add or remove pages and much more. Remember those federal and state forms that you were printing to get a signature? Not anymore! Just add a signature field or page. But wait there’s more! Previously if an index field like “Name” was already mapped to a field on the form it couldn’t be used again. Not anymore, that restriction has been removed.

Make it your own – Our campaigns are delivering e-forms to thousands employees but in some cases those employee might not know about FileBRIDGE (I know crazy but it happens) and question if the email they received is coming from someone at their company. No worries we’ve added a few new features to make the campaigns more company specific. You can now have a default “From” email address and a default “From” email display name. Now when your HR manager, Ms. Moore sends a campaign the email address would be and the name displayed would be Julianne Moore. (Apparently I've got the Oscar’s on my brain) You can also add your company logo when creating a campaign so employees will see the logo when they select the hyperlink in the email. Now that’s branding!

Let me make a note of that – OK this one is my favorites! There is a new system setting that will allow selected users to view or add/edit notes when viewing a document. So let’s say you use the FileBRIDGE feature that allows you to share a secure link to view a document and you want to make a note to remind you why you did that, “Sent Wile E. Coyote a link to review the Acme contract so he can develop a pricing Amendment”. You control if a user can view the notes or have the ability to add/edit/delete. “Has Notes” is a search field so you can easily locate the documents with notes. Keyword search will include words found in the notes so you can find them quickly. Of course note entries will be logged in the audit history on the document. Pretty sweet!

In March and April we’ve got some features that will rock your world so make sure to sign up for our blog so these announcements are delivered to your Inbox. We can’t wait for Spring!


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