So, you’ve purchased a new HCM. Now what?

1/5/2015 in General, Human Resources
Like many organizations today, you have either purchased or are planning on purchasing a new, shiny, world-changing, cloud-based HCM to run HR and all things dealing with people. It’s great, it has all of the bells and whistles your employees need to stop bothering you and life is going to be better. All you need now is a margarita.
As you settle in, drink in hand, you begin to focus on more strategic tasks; as promised. But wait. An employee needs to fill out a document that your new HCM isn’t built for. Well, that’s just one document, no need to panic just yet.
Fifteen minutes later, yet another document and yet another process needs to be handled outside of your HCM. Then you remember that at the end of February, an important state acknowledgement document needs to be distributed, signed, and filed by more than half of your staff. Yikes. As you brainstorm a new way to solve that problem, you get notified that you are being audited. They would like to review several (okay, 80) current employee files. Hmmm… your HCM hadn’t accounted for the piles of paper or filing cabinets you have around your offices. You thought those would just be phased out as employees retire. Then you could get rid of them, 7 years later.
Shoot! Retention. How is the data that the HCM is capturing handling retention policies? Buyer’s remorse is setting in as you realize that your new purchase isn’t the be-all and end-all you thought it might be.
Don’t fear, our FileBRIDGE for HR augments your shiny new (over even old, beat up) HCM and plugs the gaps. Let FileBRIDGE become the command center for information about your employee files by centralizing information from disparate systems, imaging your existing paper files, providing insights, improving compliance, managing retention, and helps you remove paper out of your day-forward process.
Don’t have buyer’s remorse, augment and then you will be able to enjoy that margarita.

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