FileBRIDGE Digital New and Enhanced Features – 11/2014

11/27/2014 in Product Releases
Our development team has been working harder than Santa’s elves and have released another round of awesome new features.
  • Auto Classification – FileBRIDGE has photographic memory and I forget my phone number.  Through keywords and advance recognition technology FileBRIDGE can learn your documents.  We run your documents through our recognition engine and it learns to assign the document types.  Paper documents that have been digitized or digitally born documents can have the document type automatically assigned; no indexing, no barcodes sheets, no errors!  Got a new document that FileBRIDGE has never seen before, no problem you can submit that document tell FileBRIDGE what it is and it will recognize it going forward.  Now that’s efficient.
  • Review First – So you have a document that staff members are submitting but you want to be sure it was completed correctly.  We got you covered!  You can now tell FileBRIDGE you want a document type to “Require Review” before that document becomes an official record.  All you do is create a search to isolate documents that require review.  Your team can review these documents and if everything is good to go simply check that the document has been reviewed.  If there is anything wrong delete that document and send a new one to be completed.
  • Data Docs – Users love FileBRIDGE because it can manage any document, paper or digital, no matter where or how it originated, but suppose there is no document, just data.  Technology used for certifications, licenses and background screening often only have data that indicates something was completed.  However, because FileBRIDGE is your central repository you want it to know something that is required such as a background check has been completed even though there might not be a document.  FileBRIDGE will accept data from another system to confirm something required has been completed.  If you need the data to become an electronic document, FileBRIDGE can do that on demand and display the fields you would like to see. Sweet!
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