Unify Paper and Digital with FileBRIDGE Governance

10/3/2014 in Product Releases

By Charlene Solonynka
Sr. Development Manager

More and more clients are looking for a unified records management solution that manages both physical and digital records.  It’s not unusual for the original record to be paper, but new documents associated with that record might be digitally born and users certainly don’t want to print that digital document to add it to the physical file.  Because of this need we now allow FileBRIDGE Governance users to attach digital documents to a physical record.  All documents paper and digital managed through one solution, that’s unified document management.

Files that are related could be scattered across multiple boxes and there is no metadata that helps all of the files come back in a search. We understand the problem so we created a solution.  Users can now link these disparate records so when you search for a file that spans more than one box all of those boxes will be returned in your search.

Power users often have the need to export some of the database reports.  We got you covered!  We now gives users the ability to export the results of those reports into excel with a couple of clicks.  Now you can manipulate the data and create ad-hoc reports, graphs or charts that you need. If you’re running a big extract, no problem let it run and FileBRIDGE Governance will email you a link back to your report when the export has finished running. Wait it gets better, if you’ve built a search that you would like to become a database report, no problem give us a call and we can have added to your list of available reports.

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