It was my first HR Tech

10/16/2014 in Human Resources

By Randy Sanders

I am nervous and excited. It’s my first HR Tech Conference and everything I’ve read has attempted to prepare me for a completely different type of conference.

How different could it be? Vegas. HR People. What possibly could happen?

Wow! Just arriving on the floor to setup on Tuesday morning I knew this was going to be a different kind of conference. A big thank you to Steve Boese for a great conference!

So while I’m still recovering from a couple nights out in Vegas, a Third Eye Blind concert, and several productive days on the floor, here are my first-timer thoughts on the conference.

Randy Sanders

It’s certainly clear that technology companies are trying to get a piece of the 8.1 Billion dollars that are going to be spent on HR Technology in 2015. Most of the ‘major’ players in the space, Workday, Ultimate, ADP, Oracle, etc. are leading the charge into the future. The trouble is that HR individuals need to keep up. HR won’t continue to exist as we know it, it will change, evolve, and slowly become part technology, part analysis, part training, and all recruitment. It was obvious companies are relying on technology to find and hire the right individual the first time and will pay for technology to make sure that happens. It’s getting to the point where if you, the job seeker, do not have a social media presence, you will not be found. You read that correctly, companies will find you and there will be a lower consideration rate for individuals actually applying for a job.

Technology is being brought into the 21st century through several different avenues:

  • Machine learning
  • Beyond Recruitment (Finding talent for you instead of finding talent by searching)
  • Mobile
  • Using technology by not using technology
  • Developer network

There also was an underlying swell of buzz words like Workforce Planning, Big Data, and Analytics. It’s important for HR people to understand what these terms mean and how they affect the HR role. (Your C-Level folks already think they know so you better catch up!)

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