FileBRIDGE Digital New and Enhanced Features - 9/14

9/30/2014 in Product Releases

Find out what’s new and notable with FileBRIDGE Digital and how the FileBRIDGE you love is now even better.

1. Sharing done right! – Two-factor authentication for shared documents

Sharing secure business documents is a common occurrence, but all too often these documents are sent as email attachments, fax or overnight carrier.  These methods are not only insecure but also inefficient.

  • FileBRIDGE now has recipient authentication! You can already share a link to a document via email and control how long the link is valid, and what the recipient can do with the document. That wasn’t secure enough for us - we added a PIN number as another level of security. Your recipient will need to have access to the email you use and then receive the secure PIN via text or voice call in order to view the documents.

2. You’ve got work! – Our dashboard now displays unindexed and unclassified documents

So you want people to upload documents but don’t want them adding important metadata or classifying the document. You’ve got people “with a special set of skills” who handle these tasks.

  • We’ve enhanced the FileBRIDGE dashboard to show documents that require some type of indexing or classification. Think about those garnishment documents that might come into any office. You must act on them quickly so you want people in field offices to upload them as quickly as possible, but by no means do you want those people doing any indexing. That will be handled by the experts in payroll. Now people responsible for indexing or classifying documents can see the documents that require their attention as soon as they come into FileBRIDGE.

3. Ugh! I forgot the ID number – Search by another field when you need the primary key

You are about to upload a document for Jethro Bodine but you forgot his employee ID number and that is the primary key or unique identifier you need for uploading. You don’t want to go back to the search screen to get the employee ID you want to look it up in the screen you’re in.

  • You asked for it so we delivered! You can search by name or some other field any place in FileBRIDGE where you need the primary key. Jethro Bodine I can remember, but not his employee ID; I can barely remember my cell number.

4. I don’t know you – Personalize emails coming from FileBRIDGE

You're familiar with emails coming from systems that have those weird email addresses like; Well, I don’t know anybody named Documents so DELETE. You just deleted a document that your VP needed you to sign.

  • We didn’t like those impersonal emails so we gave you the ability to personalize emails coming from FileBRIDGE. Now when Albert, your VP of HR, sends you the sign off document for your annual PCI Compliance training, it will say it’s from Albert, so you know it’s important.

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