Holiday hiring made easy

9/16/2014 in Human Resources

It’s beginning to look a lot like…OK, it’s not quite the holidays yet - summer isn’t even technically over! But if you are in the retail market, you are more than likely starting your seasonal hiring blitz. Thanksgiving to New Year is the busiest time of year for shoppers and that means retailers have to get staffed up to handle the wonderful excess business.

With all those extra hires, comes a lot of extra paperwork. Managing the documents of temporary, part-time labor can create a whole set of potential headaches. By the time the paperwork is processed, the employee might have already left or been terminated. Then you are left with their trail of documentation to manage.

Chances are, a lot of the paperwork is created in the stores by the hiring managers, and the HR department is going to spend countless hours tracking down the forms and making sure they were properly filled out. Oh yeah, you may have great procedures in place for managers to follow, or maybe you have several existing HR systems or shared network files where your managers are supposed to put everything. The reality is that many HR professionals tell us this is a stressful time, and they spend a disproportionate part of their time managing paperwork, instead of ensuring the right people are hired.

Isn’t it time to adopt an HR Document Management system? It would make your life a whole lot simpler. You would only have to go to one place to manage all the paperwork, and in fact, a proper system with built in HR smart workflow will do most of the work for you.

An HR document management system will also help you manage how long you have to keep documents and automatically start the countdown when they are put into the system. While the process of hiring and managing temporary employees is similar to permanent employees, you may use different forms with slightly altered required information. Check with your local state regulations, but you may not have to keep temporary employee files as long as you would for permanent employees. That’s great news, but on the down side, now, you have to deal with different forms with different retention schedules. A document management system will handle it all for you automatically.

So ask Santa (or perhaps your CFO) for an early holiday present in the form of an HR document management system. It is the easiest shopping you will ever have to do!

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