FileBRIDGE Digital New and Enhanced Features - 8/14

8/29/2014 in Product Releases

You asked for it so we delivered! Find out what’s new and notable with FileBRIDGE Digital and how it will make your day even better.

Are my docs current? – Compliance Monitor now tracks expired documents
What if you could proactively manage the expiration date on training certificates or employment contracts? Well now you can!

  • We’ve enhanced the Compliance Monitor to track expiration dates on documents.  Now you can not only see documents that are missing, you can see documents about to expire before they expire.  All you need to do to enable document expiration for the documents is to establish the expiration date and set up your reminders. Done! 

Faster Please! – Smart Flow, Campaign Flow and Compliance Packet Flow now run continually or hourly.
Need immediate notification of a new hire set up form so your IT group can deploy the right equipment quickly; no worries we got you covered.

  • We’ve enhanced the Schedule portion of Smart, Campaign and Compliance Flows to look for specified documents continually and hourly, in addition to daily, weekly and monthly.  If you have documents you need routed as quickly as possible these flows will constantly scan for those documents and route accordingly.

I want to send digital docs to a pre-hire! – Create a temporary ID for an employee who has not been set up in your system of record.
Don’t have an onboarding system or have some electronic docs you need a new hire to complete before you set them up in your system of record?

  • You can now create an employee filefolder with a temporary ID and a personal email address allowing them to participate in new hire E-Form campaigns.  When the permanent employee ID is assigned all you have to do is update the temporary ID with the permanent employee ID.


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