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8/28/2014 in Human Resources

As mentioned in our last blog post on August 25th, Gartner cites a productivity savings of 15% or greater from implementing an HR Document Management system.  Most organizations already have as many as seven different human resources information systems (HRIS) with some components built into an ERP system, or delivered by outsourced service providers.

Although each system serves an important purpose, they were generally not designed to manage HR documents so they don’t really help with compliant recordkeeping, and they certainly don’t make it easy to get a complete view of an employee. At best, many systems simply offer a way to upload an attachment to an employee record. The problem is that information exists in multiple places and you are creating information silos. In other words, you are not achieving that 15% productivity gain.

HR technology silos contribute to document compliance risk. To avoid the silos, you need one repository to simplify the process of managing HR documents. If the Document Management system knows the retention rules for each type of document, and is monitoring the triggers that drive the rules, such as date of hire, or date of termination, or time since the last certification, then the system can drive the entire process. It will also make it easy to dispose of documents when their retention period has expired. If records need to be placed on-hold due to an audit or litigation, your technology should be able to handle that efficiently as well.

The key to document management for HR is being able to have a single view of an employee file. Imagine the time you could save if all the information you needed was available to you in one place, no matter where it originated? Implementing a document management system that can do the work for you is how you save 15%. That is a huge! Who wouldn’t want to be 15% more productive each day? That sure adds up quickly to big results.

So how do you find the document management solution that’s right for you? Analyst firms advise their clients on emerging trends and their research papers can be very helpful when evaluating choices. Archive Systems was mentioned as a vendor specializing in HR Document Management in the “Hype Cycle for Human Resources Software, 2014” for our FileBRIDGE™ for HR solution. FileBRIDGE is cloud-based, giving you access to all your files from anywhere at any time no matter which system they originated because it integrates with your existing systems. No more technology silos, or searching through multiple systems, and compliance is achieved to boot.

Want to learn more about FileBRIDGE? Click here to watch this overview video.


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