The key to getting it right -- At Archive Systems we wear our own shoes

5/28/2014 in General

Years ago I worked for a company that manufactured and sold shoes to a few major discount retail chains. These were inexpensive shoes, cheap imitations of name brands. The kind of shoes you can buy a pair and get another one free.

And so it was one cold winter day when I got to work and realized I had my work boots on and forgot my dress shoes. Not a big deal, except that night was our holiday party. I was going to look ridiculous with a pair of work boots while wearing a suit.  But no big deal I thought, I work for a shoe company. I can just grab a pair of the samples they have in my size. 

So I went to the men’s shoe Buyer and told him my story and asked if he had a pair of shoes that I could take.  He was like “You don’t want to wear our shoes, they’ll fall apart on you or they’ll turn your feet green.”  Ok, so he was exaggerating, but what he was saying was that we sell really bad shoes. Shoes that he would never wear. 

What’s this have to do with document management?  Well, here at Archive Systems we wear our own shoes. By this I mean we use our own solutions.  We’re on a mission to change the way the world manages documents and this starts with the way Archive Systems manages its own documents.

Our HR department uses our FileBRIDGE for HR solution to increase efficiencies and reduce manual processes, all while using less paper. They use FileBRIDGE Digital’s e-Forms to easily send documents online for our employees to read, acknowledge and electronically sign. This eliminates the need for employees to print the documents, sign the documents, place the documents in an inter-office folder or scan and send them to HR. It also eliminates HR from having to manually collect the documents, sort them and upload to a Digital File room. The amount of time and effort is reduced dramatically for employees while at the same time creating a more streamlined and efficient process for all involved.

Working for a company that uses its own products, “or wears its own shoes” is the key to getting it right. It builds pride and enthusiasm within the company.

As far as my dilemma with trying to find a pair of shoes at my old company, I ended up going to a local shoe store and buying a pair of shoes for the party. And I left the company 3 months later.  I guess if the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it. 

What do you think?

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