4 Tips to Less Paper

Starting with the mandate for “less paper” rather than “paperless” can make a profound difference for the success of the initiative. Here are 4 smart tips:...  Read full post

Laying the Ground work for your IG strategy

The starting point for any IG initiative must be the organization’s corporate mandate, policies and strategic directives, mission, and goals. The resulting tactical elements must be aligned with the organizational plans, objectives, and the operational targets of management....  Read full post

Paper Process Problems: How Organizations are Unknowingly Creating Risk

Retail, hospitality, manufacturing, banking or any business with a geographically dispersed workforce will have challenges managing paper employee files. In many organizations remote locations are instructed to ship employee documents back to headquarters after they are completed. This is a costly, inefficient approach, but less of a risk than asking field managers to maintain employee files....  Read full post

HR is the Next IT

By using technology like big data, HR will be able to provide strategic business value for resource planning, smarter recruitment, and talent development and retention....  Read full post

73% of Employee Files Are Still Paper-based

07.22.16 in Human Resources
HR professionals have a lot on their plates and they are responsible for some of their organization’s most sensitive documents....  Read full post

The HR Technology Checklist Every Department Should Use

Progressive HR departments have created a checklist they use when selecting new technology that every department should follow....  Read full post

The secret behind Successful HR Executives

Look around. No doubt you have piles of papers to be filed, valuable real estate taken up by employee files, and more paper that needs to be filled out. It’s a never ending cycle of documentation. How much time do you spend on paperwork?...  Read full post

Key Trends in Managing the HR Digital Document Lifecycle

HR Departments considering new or replacement technology to help them create a paperless environment might be surprised by the variety of solutions available. Small to medium sized businesses can especially benefit from using some of the new technology available today....  Read full post

Small Business, Big Problems: 5 Risks Paper Causes for HR
 (and what to do about them)

In today’s fast-paced business environment, businesses that build their HR operations on outdated paper processes run the risk of being left behind....  Read full post

The Future is Now: Why SMBs Should Be Embracing the Paperless Office

The global enthusiasm for “going paperless” is bigger than ever, and the benefits have never been more apparent. Think about it: instantaneous access to any document at a moment’s notice – and no more risk of sensitive documents being lost, stolen or destroyed. Yet, here we are over 40 years later, and most small businesses are still hesitating to start down the path to paperless....  Read full post

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